Alpha Loot

NFT turned productive asset

wtf is loot?

I am sure you either heard this being asked or you asked this question in the last 5 days.

I spent $50 in gas to mint an NFT now worth at the time of writing 16.5 ETH, worth 39 ETH at ATH yesterday.

Maybe you are paying attention right now because of the price, maybe because CT doesnt stop talking about it, or maybe it’s because you like walls of text.

Let me share with you what I found out, since I first minted a free jpeg of txt on a black background.

It all started with this posted:

and this contract:

and the community took it and turned it all into this…

Realms Post:

Realms Contract:

Abstract Loot Post:

Abstract Loot Contract:

Ability Score Post:

Ability Score Contract:

Adventure Gold Post:

Adventure Gold Contract:

Loot Characters Post:

Loot Characters Contract:

Loot Personalities Post:

Loot Personalities Contract:

Loot Class Post:

Loot Class Contract:

Banquets Post:

Banquets Contract:

Summons Post:

Summons Contract:

Abodes Post:

Abodes Contract:

Loot Army Post:

Loot Army Contract:

Mounts Post:

Mounts Contract:

Food Supplies Post:

Food Supplies Contract:

Quests Post:

Quests Contract:

Companions Post:

Companions Contract:

Familiar Loot Post:

Familiar Loot Contract:

Foes Post:

Foes Contract:

The best part is that most of these derivatives you get to mint for free if you are a loot holder

More drops coming soon…

But how do I even get a Loot bag?

You used to be able to mint it like I posted above, but now you can only buy them on the secondary market like on

Buy Loot Here:

Here are other cool projects that the community has built so far:

My generated Loot Bag

Generate your loot bag here:

Divine Robes secondary market:

The Grand Exchange:

Loot Analytics:

Inventory Dashboard:

Divine Robes Private Group:

Divine Lodge Private Group:

Loot Website:

Watch the video I made explaining more about loot here: